We’re the innovators of an entirely new class of boat.

Founded in Britain, Aeolus was born from a lifelong appreciation for sailing and a curiosity of advancements in science and technology. With these combined, we are setting out to disrupt the industry with our groundbreaking catamaran and the best of British innovation.

Combining three decades of experience with game-changing materials.

Aeolus’ designs will set the new standard for luxury, high-performance yacht design and architecture. In addition to creating bigger and better vessels, our vision is simple: unrivalled performance and longevity — powered by science.
Not only that, but introducing the motor yacht clientele to what’s possible in eco sailing with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

Harnessing the undeniable power of graphene.

Widely regarded as a “wonder material”, graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms formed together in a hexagonal lattice.
Graphene is over 200 times stronger than steel and is the most impermeable material ever discovered. We have set out to revolutionise the yachting industry by creating revolutionary vessels that were never previously possible.

Outperforming the industry leaders: The Raptor.

The synthesis of high-performance, exceptional marine architecture and graphene not only creates designs that would have previously been considered impossible, but an entirely new market sector. Introducing the first 90-foot, aerodynamic hydrofoil catamaran, designed in collaboration with Graphene Marine and The National Graphene Institute – inspired by the cutting-edge developments found within the America’s Cup and Sail GP catamaran racing arena.